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Welcome to American Chemical Society, UT Student Affliates!

Welcome to the University of Texas's student chapter of the American Chemical Society. We are the only student organization that focuses solely on the big world of chemistry. ACS is the largest professional group of chemists in the world, and our club acts a liason for students and the national organization.

Our meetings are held every other week in NHB 1.720 and we always have free pizza! Most meetings feature a keynote speaker from chemical academia or industry. We have a strong concentration in research and focus on connecting students to labs and helping them into graduate school. This semester we are sending our most active members on a free trip to the ACS national conference in Denver, CO.

In addition to professional development, we have frequent socials for the club members to enjoy. We also have school-wide and community volunteering. This semester, we are selling lab notebooks for chemistry and biochemistry courses and working on an organic chemistry handbook to be released later in the semester.

We are always looking for new members, so if you have any interest in chemistry, come down and join us!

Current ACS Members can access the points sheet here.

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Meetings and Events

Come out to our first general meeting of the semester on 02/04/15! Our meetings are every other Wednesday from 5-6 PM in NHB (Norman Hackerman Building) 1.720. Committee meetings occur during the off-weeks from 5-6 PM, the location is NHB 1.720 unless time/location are otherwise stated. We have free pizza at every general meeting, and dues are $10.

3/5: Natural Sciences Council Med School Panel, 5-6:30, SAC 1.402

3/7: Explore UT

3/11: Committee Meeting, Location TBD

3/14: Sign up for Nano Days deadline

3/21: Mandatory Nano Days training, 9am-12pm

3/22-3/24: ACS Conference, Denver, Colorado!

3/25: Undergrad Panel: Deadline for abstracts is March 1st!

3/28-3/29: Nano Days, 9:45am-1:30pm OR 1:15pm-6:15pm

4/1: Committee Meeting

4/8: Brad Hall, Altermune Technologies

4/15: Committee Meeting

4/22: Stephen Martin

4/29: Committee Meeting

5/6: Sean Roberts

Check out our pictures from our past events!


Name: Jessica Chan
Year: Fourth Year
Major and future aspirations: Chemistry, Graduate School to study Organic Chemistry.
What I do?: Give all the officers work to do while I sit back and do none of it. :)
Research: Medicinal Chemistry projects in the Texas Institute for Drug and Diagnostic Development/Steve Martin's group.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Organic (Total Synthesis).
Hobbies: People watching at swanky Whole Foods, pretending to read smart people books, hitting heavy bags in hot places.
Pets: 2 fluffy white puppies :) (they aren't really puppies anymore...)
One word you would use to describe yourself: Stalwart (that GRE vocabulary! lolz).
Biggest Pet Peeve: When social media/messaging/texting/phone-ing takes over face-to-face interactions, i.e. when I'm having a meal with someone and they stop talking mid-sentence and check their freaking SnapChat.


Name: Yousef Okasheh
Year: Fourth Year
Major and future aspirations: Biochemistry; Future biotech entrepreneur.
What I do?: Invite speakers to come talk!
Research: Gene expression analysis/Synthetic Biology.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Biochemistry.
Hobbies: Musikk production, entrepreneurship, Skateboarding.
Pets: Mini parrot.
One word you would use to describe yourself: Ridiculous.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who have no idea about they're talking about in the GMO debate.

Name: Vincent Duong
Year: Fourth Year
Major and future aspirations: Biochemistry; Graduate School to study Enzymology/Structural Biology; ultimately Industry.
What I do?: I relay information to members, handle the points system, and discover cheesy Chemistry jokes for all to enjoy.
Research: Enzymology in Whitman Lab.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Biochemistry.
Hobbies: Being by myself, staying at home, putting my headphones in my ears so nobody talks to me.
Pets: Stray cats inhabited the area around my house when I was five years old.
One word you would use to describe yourself: Ugh.
Biggest Pet Peeve: When people try to talk to me with my headphones in my ears.

Name: Doran Pennington
Year: Second Year
Major and future aspirations: Chemistry, Aiming for grad school.
What I do?: I do the money.
Research: Synthetic organic chemistry, SBRS/Freshman Research Initiative.
Favorite division of Chemistry: I don't know yet!
Hobbies: UT Mens Soccer, Damaging my ears at shows, sleeping until 5 pm.
Pets: Gut flora.
One word you would use to describe yourself: First-world anarchist.
Biggest Pet Peeve: I can't eat and sleep simultaneously.

Name: Sanjana Balachandra
Year: Second Year
Major and future aspirations: Biology, pre-med.
What I do?: I update the website to make it super rad and take cool/candid photos of the club members.
Research: Maternal-fetal medicine/high risk obstetrics, University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Medicinal chemistry and food chemistry.
Hobbies: Exercising, cooking, making people eat what I cook, eating what other people cook, talking to Vincent when he has his headphones in.
Pets: None unfortunately. :(
One word you would use to describe yourself: Sassy.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Whenever people leave the door open after entering/leaving my room.

Natural Science Council Organization Representative
Name: Dylan Sucich
Year: Third Year
Major and future aspirations: Biochemistry; I would like to get an MD/PhD
What I do?: I represent y'all and take your opinions on issues to the Natural Sciences Council after I've told you what to have an opinion on.
Research: Alcohol Dependence and Tolerance in the Atkinson Lab, Electron microscopy.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Neurochemistry
Hobbies: Golf, skiing, hunting and reading at the same time
Pets: Golden retriever
One word you would use to describe yourself: Dyligent
Biggest Pet Peeve: I hate hand sanitizer.

Outreach Committee Chair
Name: Quynh Sam
Year: Third Year
Major and future aspirations: Chemistry, a professional/graduate school of some sort.
What I do?: I help find science oriented volunteer events for ACS!
Research: Synthetic organic chemistry in the Dong Lab.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Organic
Hobbies: Cooking, eating, and working out so I can do the first two things more.
Pets: None at the moment.
One word you would use to describe yourself: Off (in a good way!)
Biggest Pet Peeve: Low quality writing utensils.

Fundraising Committee Chair
Name: Cindy Chan
Year: Third Year
Major and future aspirations: Biochemistry; become a cytogeneticist.
What I do?: Plan fundraisers, seek food donations for meetings, bring in money for the org.
Research: Evolution Projects in Barrick.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Bioinorganic (nanoparticles).
Hobbies: Watching TV: Bones, Castle, Big Bang Theory, White Collar, Scorpion, etc.
Pets: N/A
One word you would use to describe yourself: Homebody
Biggest Pet Peeve: People calling me mom.

Social Committee Chair
Name: Meghan Baker
Year: Third Year
Major and future aspirations: Biochemistry; Aiming for graduate school in biochemistry, but also considering healthcare.
What I do?: I help plan social events for the org :)
Research: Methodology/Synthetic Organic Chemistry in the Krische group.
Favorite division of Chemistry: Biochemistry. But I also love Organic Chemistry!
Hobbies: Skiing, volleyball, TV shows, and working out!
Pets: The cutest cat ever, Jewel. Part siamese, part Calico.
One word you would use to describe yourself: work-hard-play-hard
Biggest Pet Peeve: People getting into the elevator when I'm trying to get off, and traffic.


Want to know how to get more involved with UT ACS Student Chapter? Consider joining one of our committees!

Fundraising Committee: The Fundraising Committee is in charge of planning and executing fundraisers for the National Conference. If you love money and have unique ideas, consider joining the fundraising committee! Talk to fundraising committee chair Cindy Chan for more info.

Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee is in charge of organizing volunteer events for the club. This semester we'll be doing demos in the Austin community and volunteering at the Thinkery. If you love working with children or need volunteer hours, consider joining the outreach committee! Talk to outreach committee chair Quynh Sam for more info.

Social Committee: The Social Committee is in charge of planning all the socials this semester. Last year, we went to Gourdough's and Zilker Park. Wednesdays after meetings we like to meet up and go to TCBY for $1 Waffle Cone Wednesdays! If you're fun and good at planning events, consider joining the social committee! Talk to social committee chair Meghan Baker for more info.

Committee meetings are from 5-6 PM in NHB 1.720 unless otherwise stated. All ACS members will receive points for attending various social, fundraising, and outreach events, and committee members will receive extra points for planning the events and attending committee meetings. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to any of the officers or committee chairs.

It's never too late to join a committee! Committee applications are available here.


CNS Common Scholarship Application for 15-16 School Year: The 2015-2016 College of Natural Sciences Common Scholarship Application is now available. Additional information is available here. Current CNS students can access the online application here. Students must submit at least one (1) faculty letter of recommendation. Applications will not be considered complete until at least one letter of recommendation has been received. The deadline to submit the online application is April 1, 2015. Letters of recommendation must be received no later than April 15, 2015. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered. >P>

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